With the good intention of spreading the truth to everyone and thereby contributing to the objective of Da’wa, the multimedia wing of IIC is planning of launching a Video sharing website.  The objective of this website will be the following…

  • Easy availability of Video media created at IIC which are
    • Friday classes
    • Special events covered by IIC
    • Informative videos for enlightenment
  • Replay earlier Friday classes at the viewers own convenience
  • Provide link of a video to other’s who might be in need of enlightenment
  • Download videos in order to preserve in personal collection
  • Watch all the classes while you are away from Muscat or due to any inability to arrive at the venue

Testing of IICMuscat Video Sharing website

We have at the moment set-up a web hosting plan with a domain name (http://iicmuscat.com) which includes a web space of more than 150 GB which will be upgraded periodically as per requirement, the objective being to upload all videos from now on to be stored online.

Please take this opportunity to test the website and provide comments on how we can enhance this service.

Go to www.iicmuscat.com, there is no need to login to view the videos.  Please continue to check the website periodically as it is being populated with more videos.


IIC Multimedia wing